• Sometimes change can leave you feeling confused, scared, angry, numb, and overly emotional. It's common to feel like you've lost a sense of purpose or direction in life. No matter the intensity or type of change you experience, it can make you feel stressed, significantly impacting your mental and physical health over time.


    Anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, headaches, insomnia, substance abuse, and many other symptoms can impair our ability to think or function normally. The first instinct in such situations is to numb your emotions or feel worse by letting them consume you.


    Dealing with such emotionally charged situations becomes easy when you work with reliable and compassionate psychotherapists in Kelowna. They can help you find ways to handle stress and regulate your emotions. Mental health counselling is, therefore, the antidote you need to learn to cope with life-altering circumstances.

  • No Criticism or Judgements—Psychotherapists in Kelowna That Listen with Kindness, Warmth, and Compassion

    BC Online Talk Therapy has a team of psychotherapists for counselling clients in Kelowna and surrounding areas. They will help you find new ways to turn challenges and stressors into opportunities so that you can get the peace and joy you deserve back in your life. Our approach is united by mutual respect and a vision of equipping people in Kelowna with the coping strategies and empowerment needed to live a meaningful and rich life filled with peace, happiness, and joy.


    Each member of our team is hand-picked to be a caring individual with integrity, compassion, skills, and a holistic approach to healing. Whether you need assistance with trauma, loss, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, lack of confidence, or any other problem, we can provide you with effective, sensitive, and responsive solutions tailored to your needs.

    How Mental Health Counselling Works

    Psychotherapy or mental health counselling are terms that confuse many people. It's not uncommon for many to associate them with the proverbial couch in a quiet room, with a person lying on a couch and spilling their guts while the professional counsellor furiously takes notes.


    While it's not entirely untrue, mental health counselling comprises a purposeful and formal partnership between a certified therapist and the client. It's warm and passionate but based on proven techniques and sound research.


    Since a plethora of approaches exists, the counsellor will decide the best ones depending on the characteristics, nature, personal goals, background, experiences, age, and needs of every individual client.


    The process varies in length depending on various factors but is helpful in exploring underlying issues and developing a positive mindset and skills needed to transcend any challenges that life throws at you. It can continue anywhere from a few sessions weekly to months and sometimes even years of sessions at various intervals.

    Take Charge of Your Mental Health

    Seeking mental health counselling is a sign of strength and courage, as it helps you explore adaptive survival styles and techniques of coping with situations in ways that help you build a life worth living.


    Our psychotherapists will help you build a deeper connection with your inner self and others. You can talk to us in the security, comfort, and familiarity of your home or office so that you feel relaxed and tell it like it is. For the therapy to be successful, we recommend settling only with psychotherapists you resonate with.


    Explore your strengths with us as we take you on a journey to amplify your strengths and move beyond the conditioned self-destructive habits. We're enthusiastic about helping children, adolescents, and older individuals looking to achieve their goals, dreams, and aspirations. Book a session now to transform your life.

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