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    People almost always have the edge but need a little push to stay sharp. They know what they need to do but need a little help with their journey to self-discovery and goal-setting to follow through with their dreams.


    Many people tell themselves they're not strong, brave, or smart enough to fulfil their passion project. It's not the lack of capabilities that holds them back but the fear of failure. It's alright to be afraid, but not okay to let the fear stop you from achieving your goals. That's where life coaches come in.

  • Life Coaching for Kids & Adults: How Does it Help Maximize a Person's True Potential?

    Life coaches help set goals, identify obstacles, and assist people in finding the motivation to move past fear. They will also pinpoint any resistance to change and map out the actions needed to take your life to the next level.


    Life coaching for kids is very helpful, but it's equally beneficial for adults because it helps them find a new perspective on life. They focus on equipping you with tools to help bridge the gap between a person's current mindset and the goals that can radically change their lives for good.


    Life coaching for kids gives them the confidence needed to empower and inspire others and break through all limitations of being an effective leader. They support health and fitness goals and career aspirations and ignite passion in all your relationships.


    People can learn to master their emotions and tap into confidence, strength, and courage whenever faced with any challenges. In a nutshell, life coaches at BC Online Talk Therapy will help you with specific personal, professional, and health goals and transform many areas in your life.

  • How are Life Coaches Different from Therapists?

    While coaching can be therapeutic, there are some significant differences between therapy and life coaching for kids or adults. Coaches look at an individual's present to help curate a better future and achieve set goals. Meanwhile, therapists typically look at their past to find the underlying root causes and develop strategies to manage the present. While the latter is insight oriented, the former is more action-oriented.


    Life coaches harness different techniques based on intuition, experience, and psychological principles to empower people with the tools needed to overcome barriers and face challenges confidently. They would usually not advise or tell you what to do. Using questing techniques, they will guide you to find answers to expand your skills and explore new horizons.

  • Which One is Right For You?

    It's not necessary to choose because you can consult with both at BC Online Talk Therapy. However, issues disrupting your professional or everyday life must be addressed in tandem with a reliable and compassionate therapist. Or you can seek therapy alongside coaching to heal while transcending into the life you've envisioned for yourself.


    We offer life coaching for kids, teens, and adults. Book now to experience the difference in your life from the comfort and safety of your home or office in British Columbia.