• Millions of people around the world feel anxious on a regular basis. Anxiety can be a natural response to potential threats or discomfort in the environment. Visiting a doctor, giving an exam, prepping for a stage performance, and certain social interactions can make you feel anxious.


    Regularly experiencing disproportionate levels of debilitating distress may signify you need to see an anxiety therapist. The counsellor will devise a tailored anxiety treatment plan to help you manage the symptoms so they won't mess with your daily life. Book an anxiety counselling session with BC Online Talk Therapy to experience the difference.

    Living with Anxiety

    The vague, diffuse, and unpleasant feelings of apprehension or fear can interfere with every part of your life. You may feel scared, helpless, lonely, nervous, or isolated. If you're dealing with panic attacks, trauma, depression, or anxiety, it can impact your well-being, identity, career, and relationships. If you don't get help on time, it can escalate into a serious mental health condition needing prompt anxiety treatment.

    Main Types of Anxiety Disorders

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

    Unexplainable pressure, concern, and seriousness accompany this type of anxiety. You may feel persistently and excessively stressed, nervous, and anxious. The anxiety quickly spreads to disrupt the colours of your entire life.


    Panic Disorder

    If you feed a sudden intense fear, it can trigger an anxiety episode. You may have chest torment, sweating, and a pounding heartbeat with a crippling fear that has no apparent reason. Commonly known as panic attacks, you may experience breathing trouble and other physical symptoms.


    Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

    You may feel anxious in certain situations, especially when socializing. While feeling butterflies in your stomach makes you feel giddy, SAD will make you feel ashamed, self-conscious, paranoid, and distressed. It is generally triggered by the fear of being judged or investigated by others in a social setting.

  • Getting To The Root Cause through Anxiety Counselling

    Anxiety therapists at BC Online Talk Therapy are trained to delve deeper to help you confront the underlying cause of anxiety in your life. Our habits and subconscious dictate many things. Working with our counsellors, you can figure out why certain places, fears, or situations trigger anxiety and how to cope. We can help you gain a renewed perspective while you consciously learn ways to design your life according to your heart and values.


    Our anxiety therapy focuses on helping people disengage from their negative thoughts and learning not to treat them as absolute truths so that they don't have any influence on their behaviour. When you step out of these distracting thinking patterns, you can easily learn acceptance skills that will help you lead a more fulfilling life.


    Don't wait for your symptoms to worsen enough to impact other areas of your life. Seek help! Start your path to healing with anxiety therapists at BC Online Talk Therapy.

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